Growing up in Foresthill, California definitely helped nurture a true appreciation of nature. In addition, frequent childhood backpacking adventures with my father throughout the Desolation Wilderness only further developed my addiction. As the years have passed, I have spent much of my time exploring and discovering new places such as the northern Sierra Nevada, eastern Sierras, Wasatch Mountains in Utah, and the South island of New Zealand. However, about fifteen years ago is when my passion for photography was truly ignited and has continued to flourish throughout the years. One of my favorite aspects of photography is being able to share my experiences and adventures in nature with other individuals. Also, I enjoy the ability my photography offers to reflect back upon all my past explorations as if I am still there in the moment! As a husband and new parent, I am excited to share all the amazing and wonderful experiences that the outdoors and nature offers with my son. Enjoy the fantastic beauty of nature as seen through my eyes!

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